Spider-Man Clone Saga on sale today!

Spider-Man Clone Saga #1 page 15 panel 1If you were reading comics in the mid-1990’s…
Whether you loved or hated the original Clone Saga…

When you hit the local comic shop this week, be sure to grab a copy of Spider-Man: Clone Saga #1.

It’s the new mini-series I am drawing. It is written by the original writers of the Clone Saga, Tom Defalco and Howard Mackie
But THIS time they are writing the story the way it was originally pitched!

I’ve been having a blast drawing this series. And my inker, Victor Olazaba, and colorist, Java Tartaglia, are doing some AWESOME work!
They are taking my pencils and bringing the sweetness. I’m really happy to be working with them!

Here’s what our Editor, Ralph Macchio had to say in a recent interview with Newsarama: http://www.newsarama.com/comics/090929-Weekly-Webbing-Clones.html

Spider-Man Clone Saga #1 on sale today!

Spider-Man Clone Saga, Marvel Apes and Mid-Ohio Comic Con

SPIDER-MAN CLONE SAGA #1 cover by Pasqual FerryMy new Marvel mini-series SPIDER-MAN: THE CLONE SAGA #1 (of 6) will be hitting the stands next week. Here’s the solicitation:
Penciled by TODD NAUCK

You’ve been asking for it…and now it’s here: THE CLONE SAGA!!! Marvel’s most controversial event of all time returns with a vengeance, presenting the Clone Saga as it was originally intended to be told! From the minds behind the crossover that changed comics forever and the artist that introduced Spider-Man to President Obama, it’s six issues of twists and turns that will shock fans old and new alike! Be here as Peter Parker’s worst nightmare begins again…now with an ending you have to see to believe!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99Spider-Man Clone Saga #1
On sale September 30, 2009

Then come to the Mid-Ohio Con October 3-4, 2009.

This is my FIRST Ohio convention! I will have some original art for sale. I’ll also be doing my head/bust convention commissioned art. So be sure to stop by my table and chat.

And don’t forget! MARVEL APES: THE EVOLUTION STARTS HERE TPB comes out tomorrow!

Marvel Apes: The Evolution Starts Here tpb cover by John Watson

COVER BY: John Watson
WRITER: Karl Kesel
Tom Peyer
PENCILS: Chad Wayne Hardin
Todd Nauck
Ramon Bachs
Reilly Brown

INKS: Rob Campanella – A|Jaime Mendoza
COLORED BY: Andrew Crossley|Chris Sotomayor

LETTERED BY: Dave Sharpe

Includes material never before seen in print! Feces front, True Believers, as we travel back to the Monkey-verse with four thrilling tales of bad puns and big guns. First, join the irrepressible Spider-Monkey as he comes to grips with a world too savage for his heroic legacy to allow. But as the Monkey-verse Peter Parker tries to create a better world for all ape-kind, Captain America (the top ape of the ape-verse) ‚Äìstands in his way. Will the webbed wonder survive? Then, when teenager Roy Reyna finds he can transform into the super-powered simian APE X, it’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys‚Ķuntil H.A.M.M.E.R. agents capture him! Plus: in the face of a fate worse than death, the Ape Universe‚Äôs greatest minds and leaders must come together to save their world in a secret council known as ‚Äì the PRIME EIGHT! Watch the undercover action unfold in this never before seen story that could only be called APE-OKOPLIS NOW! And then, it’s the masked (monkey) marvel SPEEDBALL! Bouncing out of the pages of the hit MARVEL APES mini-series‚Äî it’s the masked (monkey) marvel SPEEDBALL! Branded a traitor to the entire Ape Universe, the simian superhero is now exiled, alienated, and alone on a bizarre Planet of Humans! Can this monkey make it in Man‚Äôs World? It won‚Äôt be easy. Collecting MARVEL APES SPECIALS: AMAZING SPIDER-MONKEY, GRUNT LINE, PRIME EIGHT and SPEEDBALL.

Rated T
PRICE: 16.99
IN STORES: September 23, 2009

My Favorite Hero is a Jerk! Green Lantern: Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner

Green Lantern Guy Gardner

When I first started collecting comics in 8th grade, I was all Marvel. Didn’t care much for DC… In 10th grade, I bought a friend’s comic collection filled with Marvel and DC comics. I was introduced to Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans, and Legion of Superheroes… I started coming around to enjoy the DC universe. But I wouldn’t discover my favorite DC comic until years later.

It was 1992 and I was attending the Art Institute of Dallas. Every month, the local comic convention promoter would do a small one-day show.

It cost $2 to get in, but if you brought the flyer you could take 10 free comics from specifically marked long boxes. That’s where I discovered Justice League International. I’d seen the book before. Even read an arc on Justice League Europe. But I just hadn’t paid that much attention to the series until I was grabbing 10 free copies of the comic (along with Ambush Bug… which was awesome!) and started building a new run.

What I really liked about JLI was that it had a great blend of seriousness and “not-taking-itself-so-seriously”. The characters were so distinct: Batman’s determined leadership and disdain for the crazies he’s teamed up with, Martian Manhunter’s nurture and guidance, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold’s scams and shenanigans, Black Canary’s frustration with just about everyone on the team… And Green Lantern, Guy Gardner: the self-absorbed jerk.

I loved the tension and comedy Guy brought to the book. He touted that he could lead the team better than Batman. He was all talk for the most part. He was the hero you “loved-to-hate”. Guy had so many classic moments: Being taken out by Batman in one punch. His feud with Lobo. And his affections for the new teammate, Ice.

And I not only enjoyed how he was written, but I thought (and still think) he has one of the most unique and original costumes in comics. A turtle neck, with a big collared vest, and enormous moon boots… And the only hero that can pull off a bowl haircut.

Here’s to you, Guy Gardner… the biggest jerk in the Justice League!

See the black and white version HERE.

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Ignacia Action Figure News

ShockerToysWave2You can now pre-order your own Ignacia action figure released through Shocker Toys Indie Spotlight toy line.

Visit http://www.shockertoys.com/store.php and find her at the BOTTOM of the page!

She is in Wave 2 along with The tick, Dick Tracy, Jack Staff, and Zombie King.

Ignacia is my fire wielding heroine from my creator-owned comic book series about a reality TV superhero team.

Read all the the WildGuard series, WildGuard: Casting Call, WildGuard: Fire Power, WildGuard: Fool’s Gold, and WildGuard: Insider.