Spider-WomanThis is a piece I started sketching on during my warm up times. Then I started throwing on some inks. It’s fun to watch an image evolve just playing around with the lines and shapes a little bit at a time.

I remember first seeing Spider-Woman on the ABC Saturday morning cartoon as a kid. She kind of confused me. I could tell she was a Marvel character. But her cartoon being on ABC threw me.

All Marvel super hero cartoons were on NBC: Spider-Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. So why was she on ABC? Is she NOT a Marvel character? Her costume doesn’t look like Spider-Man’s (going off the assumption the female version had to match the male version like DC’s Superman/Supergirl and Batman/Batgirl). This frustrated me and my young understandings of the superhero motifs.

So I didn’t watch much of her cartoon. But she did intrigue me. She flew instead of shooting webs. She shot spider-stings instead to subdue her opponents. And, again, back to frustration…

Glad to see she has a more pivotal role in the Marvel Universe. I do like how simple and strong her design in is. I don’t think she could ever benefit from a redesign.

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Dark Avengers: Ms. Marvel

Dark Avengers: Ms MarvelI did this piece for a friend, Dann McN. I was in search of the elusive Vision action figure from the Marvel Universe 3.75″ line. He had an extra Vision figure he didn’t need. So we did a trade at the Long Beach Comic Expo one day show last month. Action figure for a piece of art. He requested Ms Marvel from the Dark Avengers series.

I really like how Marvel is incorporating classic costumes into the current universe. Like this 1970’s Ms. Marvel costume, now worn by the villainous Moonstone posing as Ms. Marvel on Norman “Green Goblin” Osborn’s Avengers team.

And my Vision action figure stands proudly amongst the other Marvel superheroes and villains I’ve collected on the shelf above my drafting table.

Pigma and Sharpie Marker on 6.5″x10″ art board.

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