WWE Divas, the Bella Twins

WWE Divas, the Bella TwinsDuring San Dieo Comic-Con this year, Marvel made arrangements to have me do a live sketch session of WWE Divas, the Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie at the Marvel booth.

Before the con, I took some time to try drawing them to get a feel for how they look. I gave them these two art pieces (that I have put together as one image) as gifts during our meeting at the Marvel booth. They were very sweet and excited to see themselves draw in a superhero style. We had a great time.

The sketch session is up on the WWE site now and posted below.
Nikki and Brie also interviewed me for the Marvel website. I’ll post that link as soon as it goes up.

San Diego Comic-Con: Commission and Marvel Booth Appearance Info

NightcrawlerI’m going to be set up in Artist Alley table BB-13 during San Diego Comic-Con. I’ll have two limited edition prints (a Young Justice print, a Spider-Man print), and my¬† 2010 sketchbook available for sale and I’ll be drawing as many commissions as I can.

I have the honor of sharing my table with one of my best pals in the industry, Marvel’s superstar inker/writer, Andy Lanning! He’ll take over my table for an hour or two each day of the con. He’ll have lotsa cool art for sale and may whip up a few commissions as well. So bring your Nova, Guadrians of the Galaxy, and War/Realm of Kings comics to get signed!

I plan on doing my traditional 7.5″x10″ head/bust shots. And I am also going to take a limited number of 9″x12″ figure commissions. Not sure how many of the figure ones I can do during the con, so be sure to hit my table early and see if you can get on the list.

I’m also appearing at the Marvel Booth #2329 for signings, Thursday, July 22, 10 ‚Äì 11 AM and Sunday, July 25, 10 ‚Äì 11 AM.

See you at San Diego Comic-Con!

Todd Nauck Sketchbook Vol.1 at San Diego Comic-Con

Click to see Larger Image.

Click to see Larger Image.

I’ve finally pulled the trigger and put together my first full-sized sketchbook. My thanks to J. Scott Campell, Jonboy Meyers, Sean Galloway and Humberto Ramos for all the info and advice. And thanks to Benny Fuentes for the awesome colors for the cover!
Volume 1, “Number #1 with a Bullet” (featuring Wannabe from my creator owned series, WildGuard), will debut at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. I’ll be set up in Artist Alley at table BB-13.

This book measures at 8.5″x11″, color front and back cover, and 36 pages of black and white sketches, prelim pencils, tight pencils, inks, and grayscale artwork. Its priced at $20 and quantities are limited. So be sure to swing by the table and pick one up!

For those unable to attend this year’s Comic-Con, I have set aside an allotment of books to be sold here on my site and can be shipped to your door (U.S. shipping $7, International shipping $15)! Just click on the appropriate BUY NOW button for your location, U.S. or International. The book will be available after July 26th. I’ll autograph it and send it out in 5 business days.

$20.00 (+$7 United States ONLY shipping) CLICK BUTTON BELOW

$20.00 (+$15 International shipping) CLICK BUTTON BELOW

Thanks for all the support and inquiring so frequently about seeing my art in a sketchbook!