Young Justice: The Kids Are Alright

Young Justice Print 2009

This is a Young Justice print I’ve created and have available at comic conventions.

At the New York Comic Con in 2009, I was getting a lot of commission requests for Impulse and Superboy with news that Bart and Kon were coming back into the DCU.

I figured it would be fun to draw the whole YJ gang since I hadn’t¬† done so since the series ended in 2003.
I love all these characters and drawing the YJ series is definitely a highlight of my career. And YJ fans have been loyal and consistently appreciative even with the book being gone for over 7 years. Thanks to all of you!

Now we have the Young Justice cartoon on the way and more Young Justice trade paperbacks coming form DC soon. This is a  great time to be a YJ fan!

The black and white line art of this piece is featured in my 2010 Todd Nauck sketchbook Vol.1 on sale now. Just click the BUY NOW button at the top of the right side of this page!

Can’t make it to one of my next convention appearances and interested in getting this print? Shoot me an email:
Next convention appearances:

New York Comic Con – October 8-10, 2010

Long Beach Comic Con – October 29-31, 2010

Mid-Ohio Con – Novebmer 6-7, 2010

Disco Days of Dazzler

Dazzler: Disco Costume

I didn’t really discover Dazzler until she joined the X-Men (the Australian Outback X-Men era) and had left her disco days behind her.
I really don’t care for disco.
But Dazzler is one of my favorite X-Men and I thought it would be fun to try drawing her in her original costume.

Drawn with Sharpie, PigmaMicron, and COPIC markers on Bristol board.

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