Comic Con Revolution Saturday, May 13 commission list


I am now taking a limited number of convention commissions for Comic Con Revolution, Saturday, May 13 ONLY.

You can now send me an email, to, with the following criteria:

Place the CODE WORD: INLAND SECRET EMPIRE in the email’s subject heading.
In the email’s body, I need all of the following info:

  1. Your name.
  2. Specify if you are an attendee or exhibitor.
    (I allow only one exhibitor on my commission list for each day of the convention. The other spots are allotted for attendees. Badges will be checked the following day.)
  3. The type of single character commission you’re looking for:
    • Head shot black and white on 7″x10″ (roughly) on art board, on your sketch cover comic, or personal sketchbook: $50
    • Head shot color on 7″x10″ (roughly) on art board, on your sketch cover comic, or personal sketchbook: $80
      *NOTE: Commission requests that require celebrity or actor likenesses may be declined. No personal or your creator-owned characters, please.
  4. The name of character you would like for that commission.
  5. At least 3 alternate characters (in case I am not able to fulfill your first character suggestion request).
  6. Specify if you want your commission on my art board or if you are bringing a sketch cover or sketch book for your commission.
    (NOTE: You MUST be attending that convention to be on the list for that specific convention weekend. I will not be able to mail any commissions out from or after the convention.)

If I reply back, you are on that next day’s list! I will reply with how you can pay for your commission to lock it in. You must check in at my table the next day to secure your spot otherwise it will be offered up to someone else that day on the show floor.
I will either draw your commission on the con floor that next day or finish it in the hotel that next night for pick up the following day (and there is the slight possibility I will draw a commission or commissions the night of accepting requests, time permitting).

I will specify a time for you to come by my table for you to confirm and pay for your commission. If you have not done so my that time that spot on the list will be offered up to those at my table via dice roll.

Due to the number of emails I may receive, I cannot guarantee I will be able to reply if you do not make the next day’s list. So if you haven’t heard back from me by the following morning, my list for that day has filled.

I will repeat this email process with a new code word each night before the next day of that convention. So if you didn’t get on my list on Thursday night for Friday’s list, there is always Friday night’s code word to get a shot at Saturday’s list and so on.
Remember! Each code word is ONLY for that following day’s list!

And it’s possible I may offer one other option of getting a commission on the show floor on the days of the convention.
At this time, if there is still space on my list for that day, 30 minutes after the convention opens for general admission, I will allow people who are not on my list to roll dice for that last spot. The first person to roll double numbers will be able to take that last slot on that day’s list.

Due to the number of requests for my commissions, I can only allow one commission per person per convention in hopes of accommodating more people.
All commissions are single character!

I’ll also have some 9×12 pre-drawn studio commissions and 11×17 original comic art pages for sale at my table as well as limited edition prints and sketchbooks.
Click HERE for more info!

I thank EVERYONE for their continued support and understanding.
You all are awesome and I hope you will stop by my table to say “Hi!”

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