My ECCC, C2E2, WonderCon 2019 Pre-Con comission list is CURRENTLY CLOSED!

Due to the number of pre-con commission requests that have come in so quickly, I have closed the pre-con lists for these three conventions for the time being. If I am able to take on any more pre-con commissions for these 3 cons, I will make an announcement and reopen the list on this post.


I am taking a limited ECCC, C2E2, and WonderCon 2019 pre-convention commission request list NOW.
You can now send me an email, to, containing ALL of the required following criteria:

SUBJECT LINE CODE WORD: CODE WORD not currently applicable

  1. Your first and last name.
  2. Specify which convention and which days you are attending
  3. Specify if you are an attendee or exhibitor.
    (I allow only one  exhibitor on my commission list. The other spots are allotted for attendees. Badges and I.D.’s will be checked at the convention.)
  4. The type of commission you’re looking for (see options listed below).
  5. The name of character you would like for that commission. (Only ONE pre-con commission per person per con)
  6. At least 3 alternate characters (in case I am not able to fulfill your first character request. Certain actor/celebrity likenesses and possibly video game, anime, and certain movie/TV characters may be declined).
  7. NOTE:
    You MUST be attending  the convention to be on the list for that specific convention weekend.
    I will not be able to mail any commissions out from or after the convention.
    You may not have someone pick up the commission for you if you are not attending the convention.

If I reply back, you are on my pre-con commission list!
That email reply will contain info on how you can pay for your commission to lock it in. You must check in at my Artist Alley table to collect your completed commission.


Since these commissions are drawn in my studio without interruptions and I can devote more time to the art, the prices are higher than the convention weekend rates.
All commissions are single character!

  • Half figure black and white on 9″x12″ (art board ONLY): $250
  • Half figure color Copic markers on 9″x12″ (art board ONLY): $350
  • Head shot black and white on 7″x10″ (art board ONLY): $90
  • Head shot color on 7″x10″ (art board ONLY): $120
    *NOTE: Commission requests that require celebrity or actor likenesses may be declined. No personal or your creator-owned characters, please.

NOTE: Due to the number of emails I may receive along with my very tight work deadlines, I cannot guarantee I will be able to reply to every request. If you do not receive a reply from me before the convention, it means I ran out of time and could not accommodate any further requests.
But you can still try for a convention weekend commission list spot. More info on how that list works as well as pricing, HERE.

I’ll also have some 9×12 pre-drawn studio commissions and 11×17 original comic art pages for sale at my table as well as limited edition prints and sketchbooks.
Click HERE for all of that info!

I thank EVERYONE for their continued support and understanding.
You all are awesome and I hope you will stop by my table to say “Hi!”

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