NYCC 2019 Pre-Con commission list opens Monday Sept 9!

I plan to take a limited number of requests for my NYCC 2019 Pre-Con Commission List starting TODAY Monday, Sept 9, 2019 at 8pm (Eastern time).

I am NOT taking email requests now! 🙂
Info on how to get on my NYCC 2019 list will post HERE on my front page TODAY Monday, Sept 9, 2019 at 8pm (Eastern time).
Since these commissions are drawn in my studio without interruptions and I can devote more time to the art, the prices are higher than the convention weekend rates. All pre-con commissions will be ready for hand-off at my artist alley table E8.

All commissions are single character!
Pre-con commissions are drawn on 9″x12″ smooth Strathmore Bristol board. If you want yours on a sketch cover, we can discuss that possibility in your email request chain. That will depend on what blank sketch covers I have available and would be an extra charge.

These are my current Pre-Con commission rates:

  • Half figure black and white on 9″x12″: $250
  • Half figure color Copic markers on 9″x12″: $350
  • Head shot black and white on 7″x10″: $90 
  • Head shot color on 7″x10″: $120
  • Half and half character requests (like half Peter Parker/half Spider-Man) will require an extra charge.

    *NOTE: Commission requests that require celebrity or actor likenesses (and possibly video game, anime, and certain movie/TV characters) may be declined. No personal or your creator-owned characters, please.
    *NOTE: This is the best way to get a half figure commission from me. I will try to take a small number of half- figure commissions during the con weekend if I can. Sundays and Preview Nights at cons are only head shot commission days. So getting a half figure at a con is more challenging due to time and availability.

See you here Monday, Sept 9, 2019 at 8pm (Eastern time).

Click HERE for info, procedure and prices for my 2019 convention weekend commissions. Please read thoroughly and carefully.
(NOTE: Due to the uninterrupted time and attention I can give commissions drawn in my studio, my Pre-Con prices are not the same as my convention floor prices.)

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