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Impractical Jokers: The Human Pleat

May 8th, 2015 No comments

Last night, on Impractical Jokers​ episode 414: “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin”, The Jokers made fun of James Murray​’s pleated shorts dubbing him the super hero: “The Human Pleat”.

Brian “Q” Quinn​ invited viewers to draw their rendition of Murr as The Human Pleat. As a longtime fan of the show, I had to give it a go. Here is my take on The Human Pleat!


July 23rd, 2014 No comments


Pigma Micron and Copic Sketch markers.
Learn more about COPIC markers.

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July 21st, 2014 1 comment


Pigma Micron and Copic Sketch markers.
Learn more about COPIC markers.


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Dazzler 1988

November 16th, 2013 No comments

Dazzler, X-Men. Australian Outback era, 1988.

Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, Pentel Wite Out pen, Pigma Micron & Copic Markers.

Kitty Pryde

November 15th, 2013 No comments

Kitty Pryde, X-Men.
Gray Copic Multiliners and Copic Sketch Markers.
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June 5th, 2012 1 comment

Beast, X-Men. Copic markers.

This is my favorite era for Beast. 80’s X-factor-early 90’s X-Men.

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March 23rd, 2012 No comments

Watercolor and Sepia Pigma Micron markers.

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The Flash, DC New 52

February 10th, 2012 3 comments

This piece was featured in my Bakersfield Museum of Art exhibit the past few weeks. Drawn with Copic Sketch Markers.

Copic sketch: Young Avengers, Wiccan

January 7th, 2012 No comments

I did this sketch of Wiccan from Young Avengers during a round of Sketch Suggestions from my Twitter and Facebook Fan Page feeds.

Thanks to Dana Shukartsi and Fabian Guajardo de Luna for the character suggestion.

Drawn with COPIC sketch markers:

Tim Tebow: Super Hero article on ESPN

December 29th, 2011 No comments

I teamed up with Marvel Custom Solutions to help produce art of a heroic Tim Tebow for ESPN and SportsCenter. Marvel artists Scott Koblish and Bong Dazo contributed the other two scenes.
Here is the black and white art I produced and the video that features the art in full color.

Read the ESPN article with video HERE.