Brightest Day!

With that headline and this pic of Hal Jordan (done in COPIC and PigmaMicron markers), you’d think I was talking about DC Comics’ latest Green Lantern story arc affecting multiple corners if the DC Universe.

Actually, I am referring to the reacquisition of my “” domain name. A few years ago my dot com domain name was in the process of switching hosting servers. A slight miscommunication during host transfer left my domain name out in the open and a squatter jumped on it. It had become a link hub to all kinds of anime including some stuff I wouldn’t want my younger fans to be directed to. We began the process of getting my domain back, but someone else got in there and began to squat as a real estate link hub. So we began the process again. Met with frustration and other responsibilities, I let the squatters squat.

Then recently I visited my old domain name again to see it was back to an anime link hub. So we tried contacting the registrar one more time with the the domain name laws stating that I am the real Todd Nauck and want my domain back. They responded in an appropriate manner and “BOOM!” my official page is now, once again,!

For the time being I’m keeping the “redirects” active. So if you want to visit or, you’ll still end up here where I will post art, sketches, upcoming comic book projects, and convention appearances.

My domain name nightmare is over!

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