Sketch Card: Psylocke

Okay. I’m just gonna say it. I prefer British Psylocke over Ninja Psylocke. There. I did it.

Psylocke was a part of my favorite X-Men era, the Australian Outback X-Men. I liked her new armored costume during that time. Just recently learned Art Adams designed that costume.

Now, I’m not against Ninja Psylocke. She’s great in Uncanny X-Force. I just like Betsy Braddock more before she went through the Siege Perilous and came out the other side as a ninja.

And when they brought in Revanche and had this whole “who’s really who” conundrum… Well. I’m still confused. Maybe I was over-thinking it and someone can break it down for me in a few simple sentences. Anyone?

7 thoughts on “Sketch Card: Psylocke

  1. Hey, just found your website. I’ll be at the Dallas Comic Con and was wondering how much you charge for sketches or sketch cards. Keep up the great work (I loved Wildguard!)

    • At conventions, my commission sketches are head/bust shots, single character penciled/inked on 7″x10″(ish) art board (or sketchbook/blank cover comic) for $40. I don’t take a list, so get in line early!
      See you at the con!

  2. Hi, Todd!
    I know a lot of folks who still love Betsy back when she was a Brit– especially drawn by Alan Davis.

    Honestly, I don’t think even the writer who wrote it knows which Betsy was the real deal!
    Plus, she died, she comes back– this is why I no longer read X-Books…

    Long Live the Legion!

  3. I’m with you, Todd — I always enjoyed the rather girly/pampered/butterfly Betsy. Nothing wrong with psi-ninja, but, ho-hum, psi-ninja (in swimsuit, no less).

  4. Hello Mr. Nauck!

    I am a writer and new blogger in Las Vegas, and I am currently doing reviews on books and comics that have strongly influenced me. Having reviewed several classic sci-fi/fantasy novels, I’m about to launch my first comic review and want to talk about Wildguard (loved it, have two sets–one for each alternate cover–and the graphic novel edition). I wanted to find out if you have any plans to continue beyond the six-issue series and few stand-alone comics you have done for Wildguard; I’d love to post good news on my site.

    M.G. Harmon

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