Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2 Charity Art Show

Lex Luthor: Flawless Design.
My submission to the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2 charity art show this Friday, March 28, 2014 at iam8bit Art Gallery in Los Angeles.

From the Stoopid Buddy Stoodios event page:
”For the third year in a row, we’re teaming up with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios for another Robot Chicken extravaganza. But this time, it’s even crazier – because DC Comics is involved, too. Lots of your favorite Robot Chicken and DC artists (and other special friends) will be displaying their work, with all proceeds going to a wonderful charity, OPCC’s Turning Point.
An interim housing program at OPCC, Turning Point tailors services to the needs of each person to help them rebuild their lives and end their homelessness for good. Through key services such as housing, mental health and medical care, substance abuse treatment and assistance in obtaining income, Turning Point aims to improve the sufficiency of the most vulnerable in our community. And they’re having great success: 95% of individuals housed by Turning Point are never homeless again. Compare that to the national average, where only 65% of people housed actually stay housed.”

Tim Tebow: Super Hero article on ESPN

I teamed up with Marvel Custom Solutions to help produce art of a heroic Tim Tebow for ESPN and SportsCenter. Marvel artists Scott Koblish and Bong Dazo contributed the other two scenes.
Here is the black and white art I produced and the video that features the art in full color.

Read the ESPN article with video HERE.

Bakersfield Museum of Art Installation & Appearance Feb 4, 2012

My art will be showcased & I will be appearing at The Bakersfield Museum Of Art on Saturday, Feb 4, 2012. There will be a Q&A, signing & workshop with sketchbooks, prints and original art for sale.

For more info on the event and how to get an original 9×12 grayscale commission exclusive for that weekend only visit


My Art on Extreme Makeover Home Edition 2011

If you just saw the season finale to Extreme Makeover Home Edition and wondered who drew the art for that episode, your Google search has led you to the right place!

I had the honor of working with Marvel Custom Solutions and colorist John Rauch to contribute artwork on Sunday, May 15th’s, Extreme Makeover Home Edition finale. It was a very cool project and a lot of fun to be a part of this episode. I hope Patrick enjoys his new house and superhero murals for his room! That is one cool kid!

If you’re new to comics or unfamiliar with my professional work, here’s some info about me. I have been drawing comics for the past 17 years for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Image Comics. I’ve worked on a number of popular superhero comics like Spider-Man, Teen Titans, Young Justice, including the historic and best-selling comic,  Amazing Spider-Man #583 the Spider-Man/Obama Team-Up. 

I post art here on my blog fairly regularly. Subscribe to the RSS feed for updates as I upload more art and announce upcoming projects and appearances. Feel free to also follow me on Twitter and “like” my Facebook page.

If you like what you see you can find my comics at your local comic shop or book store. I also have the first volume of my sketchbook available for sale. You can order it right there on the right-hand side of the screen. I’ll be happy to autograph your copy as well.

Thanks for looking me up! Hope you stop by often.

If you missed the episode on Sunday, it will be viewable on the Extreme Makeover Home Edition page on ABC’s website.

ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown, Lance Briggs, X-Men

Just recently Marvel contacted me to draw Chicago Bears’ linebacker, Lance Briggs, as a composite X-Man. Lance is a huge comic fan and ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown did an interview with Briggs about his passion for comics on Dec 13, 2010. My art, as well as me drawing it, is featured in the video on the ESPN website.

This is the original black and white line art. See the color art, by John Rauch, on my DeviantArt page or Facebook Fan page.

Spider-Man Meets Mayor Mike Bloomberg

Peter Parker meets Mayor BloombergI recently drew a Spider-Man story¬† where an unemployed Peter Parker meets New York City mayor, Mike Bloomberg. It is a special 8 page comic promoting New York’s public employment services.

The story is available for FREE in the Wednesday, November 17 edition of the Daily News, can also be downloaded onto your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad using the Marvel App.

Learn more at Marvel’s website.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition + Marvel = Dude! That’s MY Art!

Super Heroes #1 variant cover

Super Heroes #1 variant cover

Hello and welcome!

If you watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on Sunday, February 21 starring KISS as they joined the EM:HE team to help out the Wagstaff family, then you probably saw the art I created for their son, TJ.

TJ is an aspiring young artist. I was contacted by Marvel Comics to create an original piece of art featuring TJ alongside some of Marvel’s heavy-hitters: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. This piece of original art was for TJ’s room along with lots of other cool Marvel stuff. But the art will also be used as a variant cover to the first issue of Marvel’ new all-ages series, Marvel Adventures Super Heroes coming out in April.

I have been a comic creator for the past 15+ years working for Marvel Comics and DC Comics. I’ve been the artist for such series as Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Teen Titans, Young Justice, and my creator-owned series WildGuard, to name a few. Most notably, I was the artist that drew the historic and top selling Spider-Man team-up with President Obama that ran in Amazing Spider-Man #583.

I am currently continuing my work with more Spider-Man projects like Spider-Man: Clone Saga and Web of Spider-Man. Read more about my career in the ABOUT section.

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