Go, Go, Marvel Girl!

Marvel Girl

Recently, I decided I wanted to draw Jean Grey: Marvel Girl in her 1960’s X-Men costume.

There’s something about costumes from the 1960’s, especially for the ladies. It’s essentially a mini dress, with matching gloves, boots and a mask that almost becomes a headdress.

I like how simple and fun those costumes were. Completely non-functional, sure. But why get into all of that.

This piece was pencilled, then inked with Pigma Micron markers and a new marker I got at San Diego Comic-Con. It’s called an IDenti Pen Dual (with fine and extra fine tips) from Sakura Color Products. A representative came by my table at Artist Alley and gave me a sample. Glad they did. They sold me on this product! I like how the tips take to the paper. Nice, even saturation of ink but very minimal bleeding (if any).

View this piece on my Facebook FanPage and on my DeviantArt page.

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