Four-Teen in “The Art Heist”

Four-Teen in "The Art Heist"

From the WildGuard: Casting Call trade paperback, a Hostess Fruit Pie parody starring WildGuard’s Teri Vaughn.

Teri Vaughn started off as a superhero child star. At a young age, Teri exhibited four separate powers: a super strong, near invulnerable metal form, a malleable mist form, concussive mental force bolts, and laser projection. She began as Four-Powered Girl. Then in her teen years, she took the name Four-Teen. Now she is simply known as Four as she heads up the reality TV superhero team, WildGuard.

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Wildguard, Teri Vaughn: For-Powered Girl, Four-Teen, & Four and Speeding Skull are © and ™ Todd Nauck 2010.

One thought on “Four-Teen in “The Art Heist”

  1. I always loved those Hostess ads as a kid in the books. Marvel comics would make up fake super villains just for some of their ads. I always wondered to myself, why the villain would just drop everything for the pies when they could use the money from the things they had stolen to buy some later when they had gotten away. I think we have been going about this Bin Laden search all wrong just drop hundreds of fruit pies in the Afghanistan mountains and when Osama comes to get then BOOM! .

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