Spider-WomanThis is a piece I started sketching on during my warm up times. Then I started throwing on some inks. It’s fun to watch an image evolve just playing around with the lines and shapes a little bit at a time.

I remember first seeing Spider-Woman on the ABC Saturday morning cartoon as a kid. She kind of confused me. I could tell she was a Marvel character. But her cartoon being on ABC threw me.

All Marvel super hero cartoons were on NBC: Spider-Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. So why was she on ABC? Is she NOT a Marvel character? Her costume doesn’t look like Spider-Man’s (going off the assumption the female version had to match the male version like DC’s Superman/Supergirl and Batman/Batgirl). This frustrated me and my young understandings of the superhero motifs.

So I didn’t watch much of her cartoon. But she did intrigue me. She flew instead of shooting webs. She shot spider-stings instead to subdue her opponents. And, again, back to frustration…

Glad to see she has a more pivotal role in the Marvel Universe. I do like how simple and strong her design in is. I don’t think she could ever benefit from a redesign.

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