ROM: Space Knight

ROMromfrontROM: Space Knight… I first encountered this character when it was introduced as a toy. A 12″ action figure that I felt provided less action than I desired in a toy. Sure, he had light-up and noise making features and gadgets you could place in his hands. But his legs couldn’t move. How could I put him in what looked like the splits but was actually a “run super fast” position? For a toy this size, I was spoiled by my Bulletman action figure with multiple points of articulation.

A few years later, I discovered Marvel had put out a comic series about ROM. I only had a couple of issues that I had gotten when I purchased my friend’s collection (an event that more than doubled my collection that I call the Great 10th Grade Comic Acquisition). I read and re-read those few issues multiple times.

rom-annual_superI don’t recall who drew the issues I had. But I did have ROM annual #3, one of the last ROM comics. It guest starred The New Mutants which was becoming one of my favorite comic series. And I loved this Bill Sienkiewicz cover.

Just recently, while perusing my Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, I came across the ROM entry. I remembered reading the comic and being inspired by the art and concept. So I decided to try my hand at drawing ROM. He has a pretty simplistic design. The fun really comes in playing with the metallic textures.

I don’t know who owns the license, but it would be kinda cool to see ROM re-enter the Marvel Universe… Assuming there was a big enough demand for that sort of thing.

This piece was draw with black, red, and silver Sharpie on cardboard.

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2 thoughts on “ROM: Space Knight

  1. Great article, Todd.

    The 1st Rom annual was drawn by Broderick. Sal Buscema drew annual #2 and Rom annual 3 was drawn by W.M Johnson with a sort-of Pat Broderick look. Ditko drew the 4th annual. Did you know Steve Ditko drew a lot of Rom issues?

    Rom issue 1 page 1 was used as an ad and is probably the best opening of any comic ever.

  2. Love it Todd. ROM is one of those forgotten characters. I just checked out the Wiki entry and learned that it was originally named “COBOL”- Ha!

    Since you’re dredging up little known comics… how about something from the New Universe? Justice perhaps? Nightmask?

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