San Diego Comic-Con: Commission and Marvel Booth Appearance Info

NightcrawlerI’m going to be set up in Artist Alley table BB-13 during San Diego Comic-Con. I’ll have two limited edition prints (a Young Justice print, a Spider-Man print), and my¬† 2010 sketchbook available for sale and I’ll be drawing as many commissions as I can.

I have the honor of sharing my table with one of my best pals in the industry, Marvel’s superstar inker/writer, Andy Lanning! He’ll take over my table for an hour or two each day of the con. He’ll have lotsa cool art for sale and may whip up a few commissions as well. So bring your Nova, Guadrians of the Galaxy, and War/Realm of Kings comics to get signed!

I plan on doing my traditional 7.5″x10″ head/bust shots. And I am also going to take a limited number of 9″x12″ figure commissions. Not sure how many of the figure ones I can do during the con, so be sure to hit my table early and see if you can get on the list.

I’m also appearing at the Marvel Booth #2329 for signings, Thursday, July 22, 10 ‚Äì 11 AM and Sunday, July 25, 10 ‚Äì 11 AM.

See you at San Diego Comic-Con!

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