Nightcrawler #7 on sale this week and Twitter contest

NIGHTCRAWLER #7  is on sale this week. It hits the stores on Wednesday, Oct 8th.
I’m running a sketch retweet contest* on my Twitter account. Click on the link to this TWEET and click “RETWEET” for a chance to win this original Amazing X-Men #1 sketch cover art piece.
On Friday, Oct 10th, one (1) “retweeter” of that tweet will be randomly chosen to win this Amazing X-Men #1 sketch cover art piece (autographed and personalized to the winner).

Check out the NIGHTCRAWLER #7  preview on Comic Vine!
This issue is our special Death of Wolverine tie-in. Even thought the final issue of Death of Wolverine is delayed, our tie-in issue will still ship on time. NIGHTCRAWLER #7 is more about Nightcrawler dealing with the loss of his best friend. (Or you can get NIGHTCRAWLER #7 this week and read it after Death of Wolverine #4 releases.)

Thanks for participating and for reading Nightcrawler!
Good luck!




























(*This contest is run solely by me and not affiliated with Marvel Comics in any way.)

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