Sketch Retweet Contests postponed for 2016

Hey, gang!
Regretfully, I have to discontinue my Sketch Retweet Contest for the rest of my 2016 convention appearances.
It seems Lary Stucker (my longtime friend, former Young Justice inker, now web marketing guru) and I have lost access to our tracking technology. So, since we cannot accurately track everyone’s tweets of my convention sketches, we cannot fairly find a winner.
So for the time being, and until we can create or access new tech that let’s us keep the contest accurate and fair, I will have to postpone my Sketch Retweet Contests on Twitter for the foreseeable future.
Our hope is to have new tracking technology ready for the 2017 convention season! And if we can get set up before then, I’ll be sure to announce the contests are back on as soon as possible!
I appreciate everyone’s support for and enjoyment of my art! You all are awesome!!! I plan to still post my convention sketches each weekend for you all to at least see.
Thank you for your patience, understanding and continued support!


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