Todd Nauck 2017 Convention Dates: May-June

Here are my convention appearances for May-June 2017! Please read carefully!

Armageddon Expo: New Zealand
Tauranga Armageddon, May 27-28
Wellington Armageddon, June 3-5
UPDATE!!! Due to the Armageddon Expo signing and panel schedule, I cannot guarantee I will be able to take on any commissions during the con hours. There are still a few spots left on my pre-convention commission lists for Tauranga and Wellington. More info HERE.

Here are my current convention commission prices/options and how it works for me during the weekend. (These are not my studio commission prices!)
I will be taking a new commission list at the beginning of each day of the con.
The list has a limited number of spots.
And as mentioned in the update above, I cannot guarantee at this time that I will be able to draw commissions at the convention. Stay tuned for updates.
I have now posted ALL NEW convention commission list procedure guidelines HERE! And subscribe to my RSS feed so you do not miss updates!

Convention Commission specs (single character*):

  • Head shot black and white on 7″x10″ (roughly) art board, on your sketch cover comic, or personal sketchbook: $50 US
  • Head shot color Copic markers on 7″x10″ (roughly) art board, on your sketch cover comic, or personal sketchbook: $80 US
  • Half figure black and white on 9″x12″ art board, on your sketch cover comic, or personal sketchbook: $150 US
  • Half figure color Copic markers on 9″x12″ art board, on your sketch cover comic, or personal sketchbook: $220 US
    *NOTE: Commission requests that require celebrity or actor likenesses may be declined.

I will sign most comics for free.
Due to the rarity and highly speculative nature of  variant cover comics, there may be a charge of $5 per comic for signatures on those comics.
Click HERE for the full list of my variant cover comics that may require an autograph fee. More info at the convention.

I’ll have original 11×17 comic book art pages, limited edition art prints, and some pre-drawn 9×12 commissions for sale.

I hope this info helps. There is a possibility info could be updated or changed between now and the convention, so stay tuned to my social networks or subscribe to my the RSS feed for possible updates.

Don’t see your local convention listed? Let your convention organizers know you want to see me at their con as a guest!


6 thoughts on “Todd Nauck 2017 Convention Dates: May-June

    • Hi, Chris! Since C2E2 will be exceptionally busy for me, I took a few half figure commissions as pre-con commissions. I’m afraid I’ll only be able to draw head shot commissions during C2E2 weekend. Be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed to get email updates from my site about my con commission status and when to email me for a chance to possibly get on a specific day’s list. Thanks! 🙂

  1. Hey Todd. My youngest son and I are looking forward to meeting you in Wellington at Armageddon. I’ve seen your pre-configured commission price list and am disappointed as I was looking forward to being a fan boy again and getting a half figure for myself and a heads hot for my son. However the conversion rate has made them unattainable for either – I can’t justify spending over $300nz for the black and white half figure, nor the converted for a head shot. My hope is you’ll be able to do some sketches at your table or that your prints will be more affordable.

    Any suggestions you might have to help us out would be great as both my son and I enjoy watching your YouTube postings and the characters you draw. I’ve learned a lot for my own art over the past few years.

    Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing back from you.
    Darryl Daignault

    • Hi, Darryl!
      Thanks for the comment. NZ conventions run a bit differently than US conventions. So I cannot guarantee what the sketch situation may or may not be during the con weekends. But be sure to stop by my table to see what’s what! I currently have two different limited edition prints (numbered to 100 copies per print) exclusive to these NZ shows. Those prints are $20 NZD each. So there is something affordable at my table. Be sure to stop by for a chat! See you and your son in Wellington!

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