Charity Fundraiser TODAY Wed, Feb 26, at Metropolis Comics, Bellflower CA.

Bullying happens everywhere. My friends at Metropolis Comics in Bellflower, CA brought this story to my attention:

Michael Morones is an amazing 11 year old young man from North Carolina. He loves drawing, playing the violin, and My Little Pony.
But he was bullied for being a Brony to the point of attempting to take his own life. He was found in time but lost oxygen to his brain. He is currently in the hospital and under care.

SoCal comic fans! Metropolis Comics in Bellflower, CA, has invited me and other top comic creators, TODAY, Feb 26, from 5-8pm for a charity fundraiser for the Michael Morones Foundation. We will be drawing sketches for donations to help the Morones family and their mounting medical costs.

Visit for info on today’s event!

If you can’t attend the event, you can make a personal donation to help Michael and his family here,