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  1. Received me sketchbooks yesterday and saw that u signed it to a James. My name is Ramon so was wondering if it was possible to get an auto with my name. If not its ok. Thanks

  2. Mr. Nauck

    I promote the Gem City Comic Con April 2nd and 3rd in Dayton, Ohio. I would like to extend to you our humble invitation to appear as our guest!

    This is our 11 year in operation. We do 5000 people over 2 days. Not a huge show but… we are comic centered. We don’t host celebrities. The creators are the stars in Dayton.

    This year the convention has moved to the central convention center in Dayton. It is connected to the hotels and very close to great food and all the night life.

    As host, I can cover your flights hotel and food. If you would rather buy your own flights, I pay you cash. We provide ground travel, meals and anything else you need. I provide a contract that says as much. I have even bought underwear for a guest who’s flight was cancelled and had to stay an extra day. I think you would do very well at our show. Our fans love art. That is the crowd we have cultivated here.

    I can get you references from other guests that you may know. Please direct any questions you have to me. I really hope you find time in your very busy schedule to come and visit your fans in Dayton.

    Thank you! See you in April!

    Jesse Noble
    Promoter 2016 Gem City Comic Con, “We do Comics”
    April 2nd & 3rd 2016 Dayton, Ohio

  3. Hey Todd! Just picked up tonight your ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #1 FRIED PIE VARIANT at my local 2nd & Charles. I collect cover images for my Marvel books. Any possibility you’ll post any of the variant cover art without trade dress? (Like what is released online with the monthly solicitations.) I’m sure there’s a million things to do…and this certainly wouldn’t be a priority. But would love to see them if you can! All the best from Charlotte, NC.

  4. I will be attending your signing at Comix Connection in Mechanicsburg, PA on Dec 19. I would like to get a sketch for my brother as a Christmas present. Was wondering is it first couple people in line situation or doing them through out your signing. I work that day and will be taking a long lunch break that day to be there so i wont be able to be there early. Thanks for your attention in this matter.

    • I will only be able to handle a limited number of head sketches during those 2 hours. I’m not sure how many I can do. But it will probably be first come first served. See you there!

  5. Hiya Todd! I just got done reading you Nightcrawler series that was published almost two years ago, and I have to say it was fantastic! I’ve always watched your youtube videos on how to draw (which really helped me, I always try to catch a podcast if I can!), but this is the first series that I ever read illustrated by you, so it was really nice to be able to connect your videos and how you draw to actually see your pieces “in action” as apposed to you just drawing them in a pose. Wonderful work, and thank you! I hope to see more Nightcrawler books in the future, he’s really an interesting character!

  6. Hello Todd,

    I ordered your sketchbooks on April 8th and they haven’t arrived, is there any way they can be tracked? Sorry for using this forum, I couldn’t find any other way to contact you

  7. I was curious about your video setup for your drawing demonstrations. How do you have your phone positioned to record over your shoulder. Is it on a tripod? A selfie-stick?

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