Iron Man + Reese’s + NACS = VEGAS!

Iron Man commission art. From the collection of Jeff Frankenfield.

Iron Man commission art. From the collection of Jeff Frankenfield.

I got a call from Marvel not too long ago. They asked if I was available/interested in drawing some art work for an Iron Man 2 promotion and there is a trip to Las Vegas connected with it.

I, of course, took on the assignment without hesitation. The first iron Man movie is one of my favorite superhero movies to date.

I soon learned more about the project. I’d be drawing two Iron Man scenes in conjunction with Hershey’s (one of him flying and the other a fight scene).

product_logo_reesesI’d incorporate the Reese’s Candy branding somewhere in the scene. These pieces of art will be limited edition prints available at the Hershey’s booth at the NACS Show (National Association of Convenience Stores) in Las Vegas, Oct 20-23. I am being flown out to the NACS convention to appear at the Hershey’s booth (#4247 from 1-3pm on Wed. Oct 21 and Thurs. Oct. 22) to meet attendees and sign the prints.

I’m really happy with the art and how it turned out. I was allowed to pick my art team for this project. For inks, I chose my long-time inker and best pal, Lary Stucker. He hasn’t missed a step since we wrapped up Teen Titans Go and delivered some super sweet Iron Man inks. And for colors, I contacted John Rauch who has colored a number of special projects I’ve drawn for Marvel (2009 SuperBowl ESPN NFL Countdown Show art, Wolverine: Worst Day Ever covers, and the photo booth green screens Marvel sets up at their convention booth).

I’m not allowed to post this new Iron Man 2/Reese’s art yet. But as the release of the movie draws closer, I should be able to put them up for all to see. Until then, if you’re going to be at NACS in Vegas, be sure to stop by Hershey’s booth #4247 and pick up these limited edition prints. And be sure to follow my Twitter feed and Facebook FanPage as I post about the show throughout the week.

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