Query: What’s Black and Yellow and Weird All Over?

New Mutants: Warlock One of my all-time favorite comic series is The New Mutants, essentially the next generation of X-Men to come. I was in high school when the original series ran. And Warlock was my favorite character. He was weird looking, weird talking, and trying to figure out the world… Kinda like me when I was a teen. Big difference: I just wasn’t a techno-organic alien with the ability to shape shift and siphon off life force energy.
Another cool thing about Warlock was what made him a “mutant”. He came from a race of robot-like beings that valued tyranny, death, and destruction. A newborn Warlock would have to battle and destroy his father, a Magus, for the right to live. Our Warlock was born with the ability to feel love and compassion. Unheard of in his race. He chose to flee his home world which led him to Earth and the New Mutants.

My buddy, Zeb Wells, is writing the newest New Mutant series which reunites most all of the original New Mutants. Now, they are young adults and an official team of X-Men. And Warlock is back! He’s back and looking and talking as weird as he did back in the 80’s.

“Exclamation: Welcome back, SelfFriendWarlock.”

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4 thoughts on “Query: What’s Black and Yellow and Weird All Over?

  1. Aww, that’s a cool story, thanks for sharing. I never really loved or hated this character, but in general he’s pretty unpopular, are u up to date on the new New Mutants btw? It might interest you to catch up if you haven’t.

  2. what a cool drawing of a cool New Mutant, I used to love this series and characters, while not as popular as the X men still very cool.

  3. I also love New Mutants, specially Magik and Warlock. I think he´s underrated and was disregarded because he wasn´t an easy character to write and draw. I loved to see different renditions of him and saw how good pencillers, like Art Adams, had fun drawing him.

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