Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!

hercules.09-11.tnWhen I first started collecting comics in 8th grade, Hercules was a member of the Mighty Avengers at Marvel Comics. I knew who Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man were, sure… But my first thought was, “What’s Hercules doing here?” To my 13 year old mind, he solely belonged in Roman mythology, running around performing tasks. You know, getting golden apples and stuff.

The more I read the Marvel version of this character the more I liked him. He brought his “old skool” Roman way of thinking to present times. He was confounded by our modern marvels. He was always flirting with and wooing the ladies. And the man loved to party, raising his mug of whatever would pass for ambrosia with a hearty cheer or toast to a friend.

I liked how jovial he could be with his fellow teammates at Avengers’ Mansion at one moment. But then he could be as serious as all-get-out when it was time to knock heads with Kang, The Masters of Evil, or whatever menace decided to rear its ugly head.

I’ve been enjoying his adventures as part of the current Mighty Avengers series. But I have been remiss to pick up his adventures when he took over the Hulk’s series turning it into Incredible Hercules. I hear it’s a great read. Time to score some trade paperbacks!

This piece was drawn with pencil and Sharpie markers on cardboard.

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4 thoughts on “Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!

  1. If you enjoy Herc in Mighty, you will love his solo book. Don’t want to ruin anything, but a purple nurple gets involved.

    Beautiful Herc work, by the way.

  2. Todd, first, how the Hell are you doing?

    Second, Incredible Hercules is one of the few (consistently monthly) hero books that I look forward to. And really? Herc, Danny Rand AND Warlock over on the right sidebar? Next thing you’re going to tell me is that Doug Ramsey and Wolfsbane are favorite characters. Get out of my 1984!

    Hope all is well and Happy Holidays!

  3. @Tom Reiter
    First of all.. I’m quite well. Thank you for asking.

    Secondly, I plan on getting caught up on Herc’s series tomorrow at the comic shop.
    And, YES, REALLY! 1984 is when I started collecting comics. My next blog will feature another classic 80’s Marvel character… Or should I say characters.
    Hope you’re subscribed to my RSS feed!

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