Hey! My Wife Can Draw!: A Spider-Man Family Christmas

Spider-Man.09-11So Dawn and I were invited to a Christmas party with a White Elephant gift exchange.¬† We were to make a present (or buy a gift around $20) and anonymously place it under the tree.¬† It’s a gift exchange similar to the Christmas episode from The Office Season 2.

So I decided to draw up a pic of Spider-Man to mat and frame and contribute as my gift.  So on Thanksgiving night, while Dawn and I are watching some TV, I get to work on my art piece.  Dawn is trying to figure out what she should bring as a gift for the gift exchange.

She turns to me and asks for a piece of artboard, a pencil, and some Spider-Man reference.¬† She’s about to throw down her rendition of Spider-Man to mat and frame and give as her gift.¬† We both kicked back on the couch (with ESPN’s World Series of Poker 2009 Day 1 on the TV) and went to work on our masterpieces.¬† Dawn says her artistic skill peaked in 5th grade…¬† Heck!¬† I wasn’t drawing this well in 5th grade!

Dawn Nauck's Spider-Man

Dawn Nauck's Spider-Man

I was really impressed with Dawn’s vision and execution.¬† She had a pose in mind and did a very good job of achieving her goal.¬† There is some nice movement in the gesture.¬† She’s especially proud of how Spidey is pointing his toe.¬† I think the “Ta-DAHHHH!” really speaks to Spider-Man’s quippy personality.

Dawn encouraged me to critique her work.¬† Though she wasn’t willing to make all of the changes I suggested for Spider-Man…¬† (What a prima donna!)

I also suggested some backgrounds to take advantage of some of the negative space.¬† Dawn started rattling off ideas of rainbows and unicorns.¬† Man!¬† I would’ve LOVED to have seen that.¬† But she ran out of time.¬† Maybe in her next drawing of a popular Marvel Superhero?¬† Iron Man?¬† Wolverine?¬† Fisty Claw?

As soon as she creates her next visionary masterpiece, I’ll be sure to post it!

Click on each image to see a larger version.

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