Nightcrawler #12 on sale Wed, March 25 and Twitter contest

NIGHTCRAWLER #12, the finale to this series,  is on sale this week. It hits the stores on Wednesday, March 25, 2015.
I’m running a sketch retweet contest* on my Twitter account.Click on this link to this TWEET and click “RETWEET” (the little button of two arrows making a square) for a chance to win this original Amazing X-Men #1 sketch cover art piece.
On Friday, March 27, 2015, one (1) “retweeter” of that tweet will be randomly chosen to win this Amazing X-Men #1 sketch cover art piece (autographed and personalized to the winner).

Check out the NIGHTCRAWLER #12  preview on Comic Vine!

And since this is our last issue, I wanted take a moment to say a few things about working on this comic.
I hope you have enjoyed our run on this series. Nightcrawler is one of my favorite X-Men. It meant a lot to me to have this opportunity to draw his adventures for the past year. It was an enormous honor getting to work with X-Men writing legend, Chris Claremont. I started reading his work on Uncanny X-Men when I was a teenager.
Thank you, Chris, for  writing some super fun stories for me to illustrate as well as being so complimentary of my work. It’s been cool getting to spend time with you this past year.
My thanks to my editors, Daniel Ketchum and Xander Jaworey (as well as Nick Lowe who was still in the X-Office at the time this series was coming together), for this amazing opportunity and all their investment of time and guidance in this series and my art.
My utmost appreciation to colorist, Rachelle Rosenberg, who not only delivered top notch colors but was so easy and friendly to work with. Especially with all my little color notes! And to VC’s Cory Petit and Joe Sabino, thank you for hooking this book up with super sweet lettering!

And, finally, my thanks to all of you who took the time and put your hard earned dollars towards this series. I hope you had as much fun reading this series as we had creating it!

Good luck with this last Nightcrawler art giveaway! And I hope you enjoy our series finale!




























* This contest is solely run by me and not affiliated with Marvel Comics in any way.

New York Comic Con Sketch Retweet Contest

Want a chance to win an original convention style sketch of you very own?

Here’s how my convention Sketch Retweet Contests work.
During a given convention weekend, you click “RETWEET” on any and/or all of MY sketches hashtagged for that convention weekend on my Twitter account. (Other artist sketches are not part of my Sketch Retweet Contest.)

After the convention, I use a random number generator to find a winner from all those that retweeted any/all of my convention sketches hashtagged for that weekend.

The Prize: 1 (one) 6.5″x10″ (roughly) head sketch in black and white, grayscale Copic marker, or color Copic Marker of a character of your choosing, autographed and personalized to the winner. (Sorry, no creator-owned/personal characters)

I’m at  New York Comic Con this weekend and I will post my retweet contest sketches with the hashtag: #NYCC14 #NYCC
The contest runs Thursday, Oct. 9 to Monday, Oct. 13, 2014. The winner will be announced sometime on Monday, Oct. 13, 2014.
Any retweets of any sketches after the winner has been announced are not valid for the sketch prize.

Remember! You DO NOT have to attend the convention to retweet sketches for a chance at the sketch prize. It is open to anyone, anywhere, with a Twitter account!
I thank you all again for your continued support and enjoyment of my work!
My new Nightcrawler series for Marvel, written by legendary X-Men  writer Chris Claremont, is on stands now!

Long Beach Comic Con 2014 Sketch Retweet Contest winner’s sketch choice: Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy motion picture.

Nightcrawler #2 on sale today!

Nightcrawler #2 is in stores today!
Here’s a 5 page preview.

Writer: Chris Claremont
Artist: Todd Nauck
Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Cover: Jamie McKelvie
Variant Cover: Tim Sale

“Someone is hunting down those close to Kurt Wagner, and he’s determined to find out who. The journey will take the newly-resurrected Nightcrawler across the globe to save his nearest and dearest from suffering the same tragic fate he only recently escaped.”



Invincible Universe #12 to Nightcrawler #1

invincibleuniverse_12Invincible Universe 12 is on sale today.
Unfortunately, it is the last issue of Invincible Universe. I’ve had a great time working with Phil Hester, Sean Mackiewicz, Rus Wooten, Gabe Eltaeb, Andy Troy, John Rauch, Sina Grace, and of course, creator Robert Kirkman, along with the rest of the amazing Skybound crew. I have been reading Invincible since issue #1, so when Robert invited me to draw this companion series (originally entitled Guarding the Globe Vol 2), it was an easy decision to make!

This series has been a lot of fun to draw and I learned how to pencil/ink a series on a monthly basis.
I definitely have enjoyed the 2 years I got to work with these characters and contribute to Robert’s superhero universe. And even though, Invincible Universe has come to an end (at least for the time being), I’m still considered a part of the Skybound family and appreciate all the friends I have made there!



As one story ended, another began.
I recieved a call from Marvel asking if I was available for a new project and interested in drawing a new X-Men spin-off series. Having read X-Men since I was 13 years old, I of course said “Yes!”. I started to work on a new Nightcrawler solo series written by legendary X-Men writer, Chris Claremont. I started reading Uncanny X-Men during the Claremont years and Nightcrawler has been a longtime favorite X-Men of mine. So this series is a dream-come-true project for me.
Nightcrawler #1 is on sale next Wednesday, April 9th.